NiacinMax- A high Voltage Niacin and Vitamin B3

We all know that the amount of food intake is directly proportional to the energy released from the body. Niacin is the hero here that helps in extracting the proteins and fats into energy. So fairly essential has become the Niacin intake which basically is a nicotinic acid widely available as one form of vitamin B3.

The advantages that Niacin intake provide to a body include blood pressure regulation, digestion related issues, and human growth hormone levels. Niacin Max is the best supplement in this regard that promises to provide the Niacin ingestion as per body’s requirement. Athletes are mostly attracted with this kind of supplement because of its capability to increase the volume of blood’s oxygen. This greatly enhances the athlete’s performance and so the need!

What makes Niacin Max most appealing is its ability to instantly get dissolved in blood stream unlike other supplements that take hours to dissolve in stomach and later, react. In addition to this, the molecular structure in a strip form insists the niacin to dissolve in the blood without any side effects at all.

Let us discuss below several important aspects that make NiacinMax one of the best complements available.

Bio-structural Formula of NiacinMax- Is it well structured?

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NiacinMax is developed in a bioscience laboratory with proper formula and structure. This means that the strip formula is unique and better than capsule intake with minimal side effects.

However, the website recommends consulting a doctor if users have any medical condition. This is because it provides a vasoactive approach that helps to increase oxygen levels, nutrient, and hormone transport through blood vessels.

Niacin’s appropriate Dosage:

Average body requires at least 75 milligrams of Niacin. The product on offer provides this amount per application. Specialists usually recommend taking one strip every day in the morning on empty stomach. Taking NiacinMax in the morning before having anything means that a person will have much lower planes of fatty acids in the bloodstream, which alternately means that one will get the full power of niacin’s HGH-releasing properties(Human Growth Hormone) when it’s time to practice.

To receive best results, NiacinMax can be consumed if the training starts within 2 hours of intake. This is because the HGH release effect of Niacin Max will come into play at its peak. Furthermore, to improve efficiency of HGH-release effects specialist recommend increasing the dose that can lead to at least five times per week.

Attractive packages on offer:

After we have known the appropriate amount required and the chemical formulae of this product, let us dig deeper into the brand. Since we know that the dose is contained in the form of strips, the packaging style is such that there are 30 strips in one box; sufficient for one-month consumption.

To add further, since it dissolves within seconds on the tongue, it has the mild citrus flavor to make it easy for oral intake. Also, if there is any issue with the product, the customer support representatives are readily available to help you with any kind of query online and on phone.

NacinMax- is it really a Brand?

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Since NiacinMax is the only vitamin supplement available in the form of strips, it has become a unique brand in the market. On their website, the manufacturers offer delivery worldwide and warranties and best quality assurance. No matter where in the world you live, they commit to deliver their product free of cost.

Their website promises to dispatch the order within 48 hours of the order placed, and then the distribution of medicine in respective regions have practical timelines.

For instance; they are obliged to deliver the order within Europe between 3-10 working days. However, delivery to other countries like Australia, Africa and the rest of the world is usually done within 5-15 working days.

Another interesting feature that it offers is “value to customer” in the form of auto refill service. This service allows one to accept regular NiacinMax supplies, ensuring that the customer never runs out of it.

This kind of order process is chosen so that they deliver NiacinMax following a suitable timetable. All that one needs to do to avail this service is to provide the daily schedule of niacin intake and they will do the remaining task. The refill options available include:

The refill options available include:

  • 30 strips: It is one complete box which is delivered every 2 or 4 weeks
  • 60 strips: It consists of 2 complete boxes with an extra complimentary box (a total of 90 strips) delivered every 6 weeks
  • 90 strips: It consists of 3 boxes with additional two complimentary boxes delivered every 8 weeks

To whom it may concern:

Lastly, it is fairly important to know the amount of supplement you should consume with respective to your exercise routine. For example: if you are a hard trainer and exercise five days a week, then you can take even more than two supplements per day.

Rests assure, it is important to note that NiacinMax is not only made for trainers and athletes; it is an essential Vitamin B3 and works best to overcome this deficiency.

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NiacinMax- A high Voltage Niacin and Vitamin B3
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